Snoozing your alarm clock is terrible

by admin, 27Dec 2017

Snoozing your alarm clock is terrible

The worst think people do to wake up in the morning is hit the snooze button. We hit the snooze button and go back to sleep again, it feels good because serotonin gets released and it feels nice to fall back to sleep.

The problem though is that when you wake up after 15 minutes later or 10 minutes later your brain is essentially confused. Waking up before the alarm can be a sign that you are actually getting enough sleep and the body is preparing itself for the day.

Sometimes waking up hours before the alarm- that can be associated with things like depression. People who have clinical depression, they sometimes wake up earlier in the morning than they like to.

So a lot of times people will snooze , then they wake up and say "Okay ,I am going to " set my alarm to 7'o clock and then i am going to snooze at 7:30". Many people do that , the problem associated with the same is that waking up and falling asleep is not like an on-off switch. It is not like we fall to sleep immediately or wake up immediately . The process of falling asleep and waking up is not simple.

It can take couple of hours in some cases for the brain to electrochemically prepare itself to wake up. Snoozing is not bad for you, but it screws your brain up a little bit. You may experience it yourself . You may feel like "Oh god I am still out of it "  or "  I feel worse than I did before "or " Should I be sleep or Should I be awake ? "

So what doctors and psychologists always recommend to people is just to set the alarm for the latest point of time so that you can wake up and have it, that just be one time that you wake up.



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