The Best iPhone Apps of 2017

by alchemist, 3Jan 2018

The Best iPhone Apps of 2017

Here is the list of Best applications that came for iPhone in 2017, you may not know about some of these apps. Check this out .

HQ - Live Trivia Game Show

Category : Game

Company : Intermedia Labs

The co-founders of Vine have done it again . HQ Trivia is a live game show with actual cash prizes. Tune in at 3PM and 9PM EST.  Try to survive through 12 fast paced questions. Winners split a pot of $1000, sometimes more.

Ikea Place

Category : Augmented Reality

Company : Ikea

Ikea's app takes full advantage of augmented reality. You can virtually place your furniture anywhere in your apartment. It scales products with 98% accuracy.


Category : Game

Company  :  ustwo Games Ltd.

Monument valley 2 is full of mind bending puzzles . They look like an interactive M.C Escher Point. The first game was downloaded over 26 million times and made over 14$ million over sales.


Category : Video

Company : Google

It's a cheap way to get cable without cable TV package. It has all the broadcast networks and many essential cable channels. Packages starts at 35$ per month.


Category : Cooking

Company : AJNS New Media

Throw away those boring recipes. The app guides step by step cooking procedures.  When you choose a recipe You can even add the ingredients to a shopping list. You can also watch beautiful videos showing cooking techniques.


Category : Utilities

Company : Clean shaven apps

Elk won one of  the apples 2017 design awards. It's a sleek app makes currency conversion easy.


Category : game

Company : Night School Studios

Follow a group of  teenagers in this supernatural thriller. The game combines a haunting story with stunning visuals. If you want a mobile game without micro transactions then this is for you.



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