The Science of Influencing People

by admin, 7Dec 2017

The Science of Influencing People

How to influence people ? It is a wonderful question being asked for ages

Here is the science of Influencing People

Give complements

Studies says that participants who were complimented performed better than their peers next day . Researchers discovered that when a person is given a compliment it activates the brain in the same way as if they were given a cash award.


Humans unconsciously mimic each others mannerisms when getting along. This can be done intentionally to build rapport. In one study, servers who verbally mimicked their customers received larger tips.


In a study People where asked these two questions 1. How important is it to you TO VOTE in tomorrow's election ? 2.  How important is it to you TO BE A VOTER in tomorrow's election ?

participants who were shown the 'voter' sentence  were more likely to cast a vote. Likely because people are driven by a need to belong.


Studies says that participants were much likely to fill out a survey when it had a post it note on top. The survey was also returned with higher quality responses than when it had no notes attached . This is likely because the handwritten note made the task feel like a personal favor.


People are more likely to complete tasks, when the person asking know their names. This could be because it feels like a compliment when someone's remembers your name.


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