The Secret behind BLUE JEANS !!

by alchemist, 28Dec 2017

The Secret behind BLUE JEANS !!

Believe it !, There is no time that the blue jeans went out of fashion. Why Blue Jeans is so popular among people ?


People have been wearing blue jeans for centuries. Originally the blue color came from a natural Indigo dye. The dye was chosen for the way it was interacted with cotton. When heated most dyes penetrate the cotton fiber. But the indigo dye attaches to the fiber's surface, instead.

So the result is different .

During each wash some of the fibers and dye molecules escape, giving jeans that signature faded look over time. Today jeans are colored with a synthetic Indigo dye. Take a closer look and you will see a clever design. The wrap thread is dyed, but the weft thread is left white.  This reduces the amount of dies need for a pair of jeans. It is also why many jeans are blue on outside but white on inside.

Each pair of jeans require 3-12 grams of dye. Each year we produce several hundred thousand  tonnes of Indigo dye.  Most of them are used to make blue jeans which is between 90 million to 2.2 billion new jeans per year.

Looks like this fashion trend will stick around for a while !!


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