What countries have the most scientists in the world

by alchemist, 20Dec 2017

What countries have the most scientists in the world

A report ranked countries by the number of college students graduating with a science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) degree per capita.

These are the worlds 7 smartest countries in science.


26% stem degrees . at 41% Estonia has one of the highest percentages of female stem graduates


26% stem degrees. at 84% Greece has one of the highest percentage of people who think science and technology have positive impact on society


27% stem degrees. In France most researchers are employed by the industry rather than the government or universities.


28% stem degrees. Finland publishes more researches about medicine than any other field.


28% stem degrees . Over three quarters of Swedish use computers at their jobs.


31% stem degrees.  Germany had the third highest number of stem graduates. at about 10,000 . Which is right behind us and china.


32% stem degrees. Since 2002 , stem degrees in Southkorea  dropped by 7% but it still the highest in the world






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