What If we say your pet choices will reflect your personality

by alchemist, 20Dec 2017

What If we say your pet choices will reflect your personality

Do you know what your choice in pets reveal about you ? Scientific American conducted research about pets and pet owners. The data obtained from the experiments are analyzed and here is the result

DOG owners are more likely to

  • Be in senior management
  • Live with several family members
  • Works as a professor /Nurse /IT Professional

CAT owners are more likely to

  • Be divorced , widowed or separated
  • Live in an apartment
  • Be college educated
  • Be less socially dominant

BIRD owners are more likely to

  • Be unemployed
  • Describes themselves as 'POLITE AND CARING'
  • If female, be socially dominant
  • Be socially outgoing

RABBIT owners are more likely to be the most introverted of all pet owners . Pet ownership is highest amongst families , southeastern us residents , full time employees , people who are social and  empathetic , home owners, holds an advanced degree , live in an urban area, value a neat and tidy home , describes themselves as independent .







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