Why Mosquitos bytes some people more ?

by admin, 21Dec 2017

Why Mosquitos bytes some people more  ?

Many of us might be thinking mosquitoes as annoying creatures . But those pests are the most dangerous animals in the world  .

They Spread

  • Zika
  • Dengue
  • ChickunGunya
  • Malaria

But you may have noticed mosquitoes byte some people more than others. The scientists have figured out that it is not because your blood is "SWEET".  It has more to do with the smell of your skin. Everyone's skin is covered with different combination of bacteria. and those bacteria all produce different kind of chemicals. The smells created by some combinations of those chemicals make certain unlucky people irresistible to mosquitoes .

Research also suggests that mosquitoes are attracted to people exercising. The increased body temperature acts like a dinner bell. They are also drawn in by the carbon dioxide we exhale. Lactic acid is also an attraction element which is present in our tears. Mosquitoes are more attracted to the beer drinkers. So if you are think that the mosquitoes bother you in particular You might be right.

In order to avoid mosquitoes makes sure that you use good repellents. Only insect repellent with Deet or permethrin  will keep you off the menu.  Be sure to use if you are traveling to a place with MOSQUITO-BORNE disease.



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